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Water and Tears: A Discussion on Mathnawi I (821) as the Basis for the Metaphysic Understanding of Hope

Cambridge Mini-Reviews, Edition 1

Part of "Cambridge Open Monographs"

Mohamed Eusuff Amin


“Where there is water flowing, there is greens. Where there is a tear flowing, there is a blessing.” - Rumi, Mathnawi I: 821.

This couplet carries a heavy metaphysic meaning and explanation. It is very relevant in our age, in our struggle for what is 'right' in this very challenging world. 'Hope' for 'justice' - or 'not to give up in this challenging world' is the core issue in this monograph. In it, it is argued that our conception of humans as not merely physical beings is very important to understand our conception of 'love' - our desire for what is 'beautiful' by the urge to do what is right.

A certain philosophical concept of existence will influence the psychological approach of ethics. Nonetheless, the 'neutrality' and 'creativity' in human's thinking ability allow them to enrich themselves with what other civilizations have to offer. This monograph explored this side of intellectual culture as it explored the Islamic Sufi metaphysical thoughts by relating it to problems as analyzed in Western ideas through it's coherent and discipline principles. 

Receiving Date:

19 March 2018

Publishing Sort Date:

29 May 2018

Releasing Date:

25 July 2018

Copyright (c) 2018, Cambridge Open Monographs (COM)

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ISBN-13: 9781792636585

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