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Cambridge International Academics aims to support Open Access publications for scholarly and academic monographs as OA eBook editions. Recently, interest in using Open Access scientific works and reading them has been increased and due to its importance, Authors will use a specific service package for their publishing purposes and proposals. Some major benefits and key service points include, But not limited to:

  • Internal Editing, Reformatting and Contents Polishing: Our internal publishing editors will handle the process of contents formatting and copy-editing before going into publishing process. The service will not include extra charges.
  • Flexible and Competitive Publishing Charges: "Cambridge Open Monographs" is an Open Access publishing platform entails projects processing charges. Authors need to pay a publishing fee per accepted proposal, whereas there is no need to pay the processing charge before publishing. Current publishing charge is a global competitive and flexible one in comparison with other Open Access publishers and there are some discounts for authors from developing and low or middle income countries.
  • Publishing in 4 Weeks: The whole process of evaluating and publishing the monographs will not take long more than four weeks since the date of receiving the proposal and completed materials.
  • Contents Standardization, Classification and Categorization: Volumes subjects will be classified in BIC codes and identified using DOI and DEBISC string codes.
  • Indexing, Archiving and Recording in Major Databases: Published monographs will be submitted for possible coverage and indexing in major citations databases include Web of Science by Clarivate Analytics, Scopus by Elsevier, Directory of Open Access Books and RefBooks Index. There is no certain warrant to index the monographs, since the process depends on editorial decisions and comments by contents selection advisory board members.
  • Copyrights by Creative Commons License: Copyright of "Cambridge Open Monographs" will be assigned to the Creative Commons License, (attribution, non-commercial);

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