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Comprehensive International Energy Law

Ali Mohammadi, Abdolvahed Ghaderi

Mohamed Eusuff Amin


As an important production factor, energy is among the most important growth factors in societies. Energy plays an effective role in the political and economic behavior of the governments and their security policies. In addition, the business of the forms of energy has a distinctive role in the global trade and the international financial resources turnover. Energy has transformed from a transnational notion to a global notion. This concept can influence the national security of the countries (including the consumers and suppliers) in the military, cultural, political, and environmental respects. Energy is, in fact, serving the security of the nations as a political instrument.

Following the industrial revolution and the shift from coal consumption to petroleum consumption, the importance of energy increased. Therefore, the supply of energy has been the top priority of the state policies and plans in the past decades. Countries have a strong unbreakable bond with the notion of energy security, and in the 21st century we are challenged by a new energy paradigm. Hence, energy security is the main geopolitical dispute in this century. This notion is focused on reducing the geopolitical, economic, and environmental threats and diminishing the risks to the international energy markets.

The supply of energy and its guaranteed continuity are among the major concerns of different countries. Undoubtedly, the availability of energy is a requisite for sustainable development. This is because energy is among the most important strategic factors determining the achievement of sustainable development. Sustainable development, in turn, stresses the proper consumption of the conventional sources of energy by the future generations. The notion of sustainable energy is actualized if development is achieved in different areas. Sustainable energy supply is essential for sustainable development, and one of the important indicators of sustainable development is the enforcement of higher standards of energy production and consumption. Establishment of balance in the consumers’ access to the energy services and elimination of the barriers are considered to be among the components of sustainable development. Sustainable development is also the fruit of three notions, viz. economic growth, energy security, and environmental protection. 

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ISBN: 978-1-5342-9978-8

BIC Codes: LB (International Law), LBL (International Law Reports), THT (Energy Efficiency)

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Keywords: International Energy Law, Renewable Energy, Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency

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11 December 2018

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10 March 2019

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25 May 2019

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