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"eBook Digital Archiving License" (eBDAL) is a unified sequence of digital codes to be assigned to the archived eBooks in digital libraries which aims to secure and grant the archiving and disseminating usages of eBooks in digital repositories/libraries.

"eBDAL" supports the archiving licenses through three separated layers of copyright holders of Authors, Publishers and Libraries/Repositories and includes five subjective categories of license digitizing for the archived contents as:

  • Self-Archived by Subscribed Copyright (SASC)
  • Self-Archived by Open Copyright (SAOC)
  • Self-Archived by Authors Consent (SAAC)
  • Archived from Repositories by Subscribed Copyright (ARSC)
  • Archived from Repositories by Open Copyright (AROC)

To making specialized and unified digital sequences as "eBDAL" licenses, The process of assigning the license codes and barcode badges entails the following structure:

Part A: Book's ISBN (standard 13-digit)

Part B: License binary code (32-digit)

eBDAL Code: Merge of Part A & Part B (45-digit)

Award Candidate of "2019 Information and Libraries Innovations"

How to gain benefits by "eBDAL"?

  • Secured and specialized archiving and licensing profiles
  • eBooks exclusive license digitization
  • Re-use terms assurance
  • Trusted profiles of archived contents
  • No need to transfer the license to the third parties 

Special Barcode Badges

How to use "eBDAL"?

This is simple, fast and easy!

Publishers, Librarians and Repositories' Directors need to purchase their licensing accounts in advance. Upon purchasing the accounts successfully, A production license sheet must be filled up per digital archived eBook and then, the eBDAL unique code, badge and barcode will be created automatically. To starting the process, Please contact us for the further information and assists.